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Long Distance Phone Service

Low Rates for regular 1-plus dialed IntraLata & InterLata toll calls

Are you paying too much for long distance? Many long distance companies are overcharging. You can reduce your phone charges without reducing customer service or call quality! We represent top-tier long distance companies that have demonstrated their ability to offer you great long distance and regional toll rates as well as world-class customer service. Here at Persimmon Telecommunications, you are offered the BEST plans in the industry for your SMB and/or enterprise phone service.

How Can You Find the Best Long Distance Plan For Your Needs? Plans are listed below for your review. However, the quickest way for you to find the best service for your needs is for you to use our Phone Service Calculator. This tool and our expert consultants will help you find the best plan whether it be for POTS service, VoIP, SIP, Hosted PBX, or SIP.

If you have a broadband internet connection (DSL, cable, T1, or Ethernet), a VoIP phone service or Hosted PBX may be your best option. If you would like to consider broadband internet options, obtain DSL and/or cable quotes.

The trend nowadays is to go not only to VoIP service but to a Hosted PBX, an IP voice service that has the functions of legacy PBXs. Such service is available a a reasonable cost fr all size companies. Many Hosted PBX services now offer Unified Communications (UC) which allows seamless transition of any voice call between various device; e.g., a desk phone, a cell phone, and/or a tablet. By entering your info at the Phone Service Calculator link above, we will assit you in finding the best options for your situation. If your long distance bill is about $600 per month or more for one location, a dedicated T-1 line may be your best option. Click here for T1 line service information and to obtain a quote

Businesses often already have their own toll free number(s). An existing toll free number can be moved to one of the low cost plans that are available. New or additional toll free numbers can be added at little or no cost.

For more discussion on your long distance choices, go to Shop For Long Distance.

Once you have signed up for one of our long distance plans, to insure a smooth transition, read What You Should Do After Placing an Order to Switch Long Distance Service.

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